Vision Statement - Ethos and Values

Greensted Infant School and Nursery offers an inclusive, safe, exciting and challenging learning environment in which all children achieve, contribute and succeed, taking pleasure in their own learning.

Aims of the School:


  • To enable children to become well rounded confident individuals, able to contribute to their communities and to be independent and self sufficient.

  • To provide an inclusive, challenging and stimulating curriculum which meets the needs of all pupils.

  • To provide experiences which will raise self-esteem, encourage high expectations and creative thinking.

  • To provide an enjoyable school experience.

  • To develop an enthusiasm for life long learning.

  • To involve children, parents, staff, Governors and the wider community in the education of our pupils.

  • To create an open, positive and supportive atmosphere where each individual, irrespective of ability, race, age or gender, is a valued member of our school.

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Headteacher: Mrs J Farrow