Vision Statement - Ethos and Values

                                           Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow
Grow as learners
Enriching experiences
Team work
These key words sum up our School's vision and values.

Aims of the School:


  • To develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

  • to provide an enjoyable school experience, through an inclusive, challenging and stimulating environment. 

  • To provide experiences which will raise self-esteem, encourage high expectations and creative thinking.

  • To enable pupils to become resilient, confident individuals. 

  • To enable children to contribute to the school and the wider community. 

  • to support children to be independent and self sufficient. 

  • To involve children, parents, staff, Governors and the wider community in the education of our pupils.

  • To create an open, positive and supportive atmosphere where each individual, irrespective of ability, race, age or gender, is a valued member of our school.