Medical Conditions

It is the responsibility of parents to make us aware of any medical condition which may affect their child in school and to maintain supplies of in-date medication (e.g. asthma pumps, epipens etc.).  Please mention the condition to any new class teacher as early as possible in each new school year and notify the School Office of any new condition as soon as it is diagnosed.


Administering Medicines

Staff are not legally required to administer medicines or to supervise a child when taking medicine.  This is a voluntary role. This is in accordance with the County Council Code of Practice on the Administration of Medication to Pupils.

Most dosages can be timed to be given at home (breakfast, tea and bedtime). In the interests of the safety of all pupils, under no circumstances may children bring any medicines (other than asthma inhalers) into school.


School Nurse

If you wish to discuss any of your child's medical needs, our School Nurse can be contacted by the School Office.