As a School we aim to provide a safe and secure environment where all within the School are empowered to do their best. Developing a sense of life long learning is central to our belief, along with ensuring that every individual has equal access and equality of opportunity.


Educationally we are committed to providing the children with high quality teaching in all subjects of the national curriculum. We reference both the Literacy and Numeracy Frameworks and have schemes of work in place for all other curriculum subject areas. All subjects are taught using theme based planning - making explicit, meaningful links between the subjects. First hand experience is used where possible and children input into the themes taught and aspects of learning, evaluating their work at the end of the theme. Half termly, we focus on themed weeks – where a curriculum subject is the focus and vehicle for all learning during that time eg Victorian Week, Book Week, Friendship Week, Space Week.


Children will read at least weekly with an adult in a guided group session, and at other times may read with a teacher, Learning Support Assistant or parent helper. Parents are encouraged to support this work by regularly reading with their children at home. Children that read regularly at home and complete their homework earn Homework Wristbands in bronze, silver, gold and platinum. All children have a home school link book which both staff and parents are encouraged to use to record progress or concerns about reading. The link book can also be used as a means of home / school communication about other issues. Phonics is taught using Letters & Sounds. We use a range of reading scheme books which have been levelled to provide continuity and progression in reading skills and challenge. In the Foundation Stage we follow the Early Learning Goals and work for all children is appropriately challenging.


We recognise that not all children find learning easy and we will ensure that these children are identified quickly. Children who find learning challenging will be placed on the special needs register and may receive additional support from the staff, have work set at the appropriate level and possibly specific strategies for classroom management. Additional help will be in the form of an individual education plan which will set your child small targets.


Parents can expect to be fully involved in this process. When there are children within the school for whom English is not their first language we may also provide additional support. All teachers will ensure that class work is suitable /adapted / differentiated in order that this group of children make sustained progress. The SENCO will monitor your child‛s progress and may support the class teachers if necessary. She may also call on outside agencies for advice.


We strongly believe that working in partnership with parents is essential and to achieve this we aim to keep parents fully informed of curriculum changes, homework and standards. We expect parents to support their children as and when work is sent home and to support the school when a request is made.


As a school we will have a daily act of collective worship. This will centre around moral stories, the development of a caring community and significant religious events, for example Harvest, Diwali, Christmas, Easter etc. If you do not wish your child to take part in these activities please see the Headteacher. The themes are linked to the Local Education Authority‛s Religious Education document ‘RE Matters for Every Child‛. 

We will develop the personal, social, emotional health of your child. This may involve discussion about keeping safe, drug education etc. The policy of the school regarding sex education is that we will answer questions honestly at the appropriate level through subjects across the curriculum although we will not explicitly teach sex education. Citizenship will pay a crucial role in developing our children. We aim to develop children‛s social awareness and ability to appreciate that their actions can and do impact on others. We want to empower the children to take control of their own behaviour and to be better equipped to discuss their needs and wants.

Year 1 Curriculum Intent

Year 1 1st half Autumn curriculum overview

Year 1 2nd half Autumn curriculum overview

Year 1 1st half Spring curriculum overview

Year 1 2nd half Spring curriculum overview

Year 1 1st half Summer curriculum overview

Year 1 2nd half Summer curriculum overview

Year 2 Curriculum Intent

Year 2 1st half Autumn curriculum overview

Year 2 2nd half Autumn curriculum overview

Year 2 1st half Spring curriculum overview

Year 2 2nd half Spring curriculum overview

Year 2 1st half Summer curriculum overview

Year 2 2nd half Summer curriculum overview

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